5 Apps that Help to Prevent Distracted Driving

Car injury lawyers will tell you that one of the leading causes of the auto accident that they handle are the direct result of distracted driving.

This should come as no surprise. With all the apps available for our phones, they have become more than just a vital part of keeping in touch and replaced many of our other daily tools and devices. The modern smartphone is a GPS, mini search engine, credit card, personal DJ, and gaming console all rolled into one convenient, pocket-sized device.

Accordingly, it seems that it is somewhat impossible these days to be anywhere without our smartphones in hand, including (unfortunately) the car, a dangerous and potentially deadly reality that can lead to a car injury lawsuit, at best. In fact, in 2017, 3,166 lives were lost due to distracted driving.

Fortunately, technology is adapting to make up for its shortcomings, and app developers are designing their smartphone applications to be more travel friendly. The following five are just a few of our top picks to help keep you safe on the road and prevent distracted driving.

1. DriveMode

Provided through the AT&T company, DriveMode is automatically activated on your phone when it recognizes you are moving at speeds faster than 15 mph. When you drop below that speed, it deactivates: As simple as that!

If you’d prefer not to have your phone set so that it can monitor your speed and location, you can also turn it on and off manually. Once on, it essentially puts your phone in do not disturb mode and disables any hand-controlled apps. Conveniently, however, it still allows for the use of certain hands-free apps, such as directions.

2. SafeDrive

The SafeDrive app not only encourages you to drive safely; it actually rewards you for doing so!

Once you create an account, the app begins to monitor all the driving that you complete without using your phone and awards points at the end of each trip. Any points you collect can be used toward free items or discounts at certain participating retailers.

3. TrueMotion Family

The TrueMotion Family App is a family-friendly interface that tracks the driving of all family members.

An excellent choice for parents with young drivers, the TrueMotion Family app can distinguish between drivers, recognize distractions, monitor crash data, and even analyze vehicle behavior, such as hard breaking, fast turns, or mileage usage.

4. Drivesafe.ly Pro

The Drivesafe.ly Pro app is another excellent option for parents who are worried about their teen drivers. The app blocks phone calls and texting on the phone, but still allows for hands-free access and even reads incoming texts aloud with voice commands.

5. TextArrest

As the name implies, TextArrest puts your phone on lockdown while you are driving by recognizing when your vehicle is traveling faster than 5 mph through your phone’s GPS. While in lockdown mode, this app prevents drivers from looking at texts, phone calls, and emails.

One of the big advantages to TextArrest is that it can save you money on your car insurance in participating states.

Too Late?

Unfortunately, it is often the case that a commitment to safe driving only comes about after an individual had experienced an auto accident due to distracted driving.

If you or a loved one have been affected by distracted driving in Michigan, it is important that you find an auto accident attorney at Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C. who will represent you in filing your claim.

Don’t let someone else’s poor driving habits determine your fate: Talk to an auto accident lawyer in Michigan today.

The Takeaway

While they are not a total solution to the dangers of poor driving behaviors, these apps can help you establish better driving habits for yourself and ensure that young drivers are driving undistracted.

Remember, no app is going to keep you safe if you don’t take precautions seriously. The most important aspect of responsible driving is simply the personal commitment to safer driving habits, whether that includes slowing down, ignoring a message, or installing one of these driver-friendly apps.

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