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Dental Malpractice Attorney

Going for a dental procedure can make many people feel nervous. Some people are right to be nervous however: dental malpractice can happen at any time and can be caused by a number of different factors. If a dentist conducts a procedure improperly or causes you any harm while you are receiving dental care, you may have the basis for a dental malpractice claim. with the help of a dental malpractice attorney.

When attempting to prove dental malpractice, four elements must be shown to receive compensation. First, it must be proven that the dentist or dental professional had a duty to you, the patient. Secondly, there must be clear proof that the dentist breached that duty when attempting to provide you with dental care. Thirdly, you as the patient must have experienced harm due to the failure on behalf of the dentist. Finally, you must be able to prove damages (economic or non-economic) as a result of this harm.

It can be difficult to pull together records demonstrating these four elements all on your own, and it can also be hard to present this evidence in a courtroom setting. An experienced medical malpractice lawyers in Detroit Michigan will be instrumental in helping you win your case and ensuring that you receive the compensation you are due. A top rated medical malpractice lawyers in Michigan can help you obtain your dental records, as well as help you find an expert to provide testimony about your dentist’s negligence. They can also help you file a civil suit for personal injury that arose from dental malpractice.

Many of these claims end up being settled out of court, and your personal injury attorney can still help you if this is the case for your dental malpractice suit. They will help you deal with any malpractice insurers and can assist during the negotiation process with the insurance company to make sure you get the money that you need and deserve after being the victim of dental malpractice.

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