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Dog Bite Lawyer in Flint

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, you may have medical bills and lost wages as a result of your injury. These costs can quickly add up and become a financial burden, and you may be eligible for compensation from the dog’s owner. The law firm of Cochran, Kroll and Associates, P.C., helps dog bite victims secure damages after an animal attack.


Michigan’s dog bite laws hold owners strictly liable in the event of a Flint dog bite case, with three exceptions. These include:

  • You did not provoke the dog’s aggression.
  • You were bitten when the dog was on the owner’s property, or in a public venue like a park or city street.
  • You needed medical attention as a direct result of the bite.

You may be entitled to damages for any medical bills, lost wages, or pain you’ve suffered as a result of the attack.

Medical Attention

The first step in the event of an animal attack is to seek medical treatment for your injuries. Under the strict liability statutes in Flint, Michigan, you may be liable for payment of these medical expenses, so it’s important to document them accordingly.

Other Evidence

Another step in the process of filing a dog bite claim is to collect evidence, like eyewitness accounts of the event, vaccination records, and any other pertinent history about the animal. The Dog Bite Lawyer in Flint at Cochran, Kroll & Associates, P.C., are well-versed in dog bite cases and know how to present this information to the court in a compelling manner.

Final Thoughts

To file a claim for your dog bite injury, you must do so within three years of the date of the dog bite. If you wait longer, you will be ineligible to file a claim under the Michigan statute of limitations for personal injury cases. If you’ve been injured by a dog’s bite, don’t delay in seeking counsel to help you file your claim.

Our firm represents clients in and around Flint, Michigan. We can help you get compensation for any expenses in your personal injury case in the event of dog bite injuries. Call us today at 1-866-308-6261 for a free consultation.



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